Wednesday 28 September 2011

Domain Renewal Group Scam

I've just returned from a walk in the park with my old dog. It is beautiful Autumn (Fall) weather at the moment. The warm golden sunlight is filtered through the orange and russet leaves about to fall from the trees. There was just a slight breeze, in fact it is a day to remember and I feel sorry for those slaving away in an air conditioned office.

Sadly the spell was broken when I returned to find a scam invoice from the Domain Renewal Group for renewing the domain name of my company, or when you look more closely for transferring the domain name registry to them. This was of course completely unsolicited and unwanted. Why do the domain name authorities allow these internet parasites stay in business? I've repeatedly told them to go away and that I never want to hear from them again yet the scam letters continue.

The Royal Mail could help deal with this by refusing to deliver their scam mail to the public, but I guess they are deperate for every penny and morals do not come into it.