Wednesday 28 October 2015


The TalkTalk Hack saga is a sad affair. Watching the Chief Executive Dido Harding struggling to explain the situation on television was painful. We're now seeing reports of a 15 year old hacker in Northern Ireland under arrest in connection with the events.

Have TalkTalk under invested in computer security? Were their applications written and tested to be secure? It is reported in the Daily Telegraph that TalkTalk with in the process of reducing spending on IT by 25%. Was that a sensible use of resources? 

You have to ask about the risk of an organisation's executive team where technology skills are under represented. This will lead to false economies on IT spending.  For a technology company such as Talk Talk it is unforgivable.  It seems the trend in the Telecoms Industry to focus more on marketing skills as an essential qualification for recruitment into the Executive Team.