Friday 5 November 2010

Creating a trading floor

I've just returned from Hong Kong where I was speaking at a conference. My topic was entitled "Creating a Trading Floor" which is conveniently the same as my book about trading floor construction. I was speaking for only 40 minutes and found great difficulty in levering enough detail into the session. The book is a 500 page reference book and that only really skims over the sdurface of some of the complex technology and challenges facing people working on such a project. The session was very well attended, which shows that either the other parallel sessions were of low interest or there is a degree of interest in trading floors in Asia.
I was a bit constrained in not knowing the skill levels of the audience. I'd have loved to have gone deeper into some of the more complex issues and also some of the current issues such as sustainability.
All in all an interesting visit, but the 10 hour flight is a bit of a killer.

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