Friday, 18 March 2011

BT Marketing - misleading?

I've just received a mailshot from Nigel Stagg of BT Business offering unlimited UK calls, broadband and business line phone all for [an amazing] £1.35 per day (or £492.75 a year).

Ah, but then you look at the small print:

Broadband limited to 10 GB a month; it would be a constraint easily broken.
There's an "optional" router price £59 ex VAT. - if you want the service you'll need a router!
There's a £99 connection charge.
Unlimited calls is really 2.75 hours per day; then you start paying full phone tariffs.
If you want a static IP Address, that'll be an extra £5 per month (£60 a year).
It's an online billing price; if you want paper bills to pass on to your accountant it costs extra.

However the kicker is: "annual minimum spend of £500" ex VAT. So be ready to write a cheque for at least £1,200.

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