Friday 28 October 2011

Directors' pay affects security.

A report on the BBC News web site shows that the pay for directors of large UK companies (FTSE 100) has rising by 50% in the past year. Meanwhile the rest of the UK population are struggling with the effect of the near banking collapse. Unemployment is higher than usual, student tax is £8000 a year and other services are being cut.
It is inevitable that social unrest will increase in this country as a direct result of this social disconnect. Protest marches will most likely increase and so will revenge attacks on company buildings. As part of our services Oaksys Tech have discovered that the majority of companies are ill prepared to withstand such attacks. Any riot near their premises or a sneak attack is likely to inflict substantial damage. The people who will suffer as a consequence of such attacks will be the normal employees and the shareholders (pension funds). Mostly likely public buildings will suffer damage too. As protestors beome much more organised and and informed it is highly likely that computer data centres will become a target of attack.
Organisations can take physical security measures to protect their premises from those types of attack. Obviously those precautions will have to be effected in advance.

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