Wednesday 14 March 2012

Efficient combined cooling - Turbomiser

As you can see from the recent blogs, a couple of weeks ago I visited the Data Centre World exhibition. I've suffered a few days outage thanks a cold caught from a stupid woman who sat next to me on the train home, but finally I've been able to complete research into one of the devices I saw at the exhibition.
The device was the Turbomiser which was presented by Klima-Therm. The Turbomiser is a compact self contained chiller unit which weighs in at a relatively light two tonnes. It makes good use of recent developments in efficient chiller technology to gain from cheaper methods of cooling when climate conditions allow. The core of the unit is an intelligent controller (Geoclima Microsmart) which coordinates the mechanics to use the most efficient method of cooling. When free air cooling is available the Turbomiser will make maximum use of that. Where external air conditions permit, evaporative cooling is automatically used to reduce the cooling load on the chiller compressor. The compressor built into the unit is the highly efficient Turbocor twin rotor unit.  The heat exchange panels are constructed using micro channel aluminium which give good efficiency while reducing the amount of refrigerant required.

The combined technologies lead to greatly reduced operating costs with payback period of 2-3 years. The unit looks to be a good option if you are in the position to install new or refit an existing installation.

The evaporative cooling does not use aerosols sprays to cool, but moistens evaporative panels. Air flowing over the panels is cooled by evaporation of the water. Avoiding the use of sprays and the lack of standing water avoids the risk of Legionella  infections.

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