Thursday 12 September 2013

Karcher Dry Ice Blasting - do they want to do business>

My company is looking into providing dry ice blasting as part of a Disaster Recovery Service. Cleaning up after flood and smoke damage can be expensive and messy. Features of dry ice blasting are attractive in that they do not create secondary waste material and are not as abrasive as sand blasting. In order to venture into that business area we've allocated a substantial R & D budget to investigate what equipment is most suitable to offer a service and also to provide operator training.

As part of those investigations we decided to look at the Karcher IB 15/80 dry ice blasting machine. We made contact through the Karcher UK web site with a view to identifying local distributors and the investment required to start using their equipment.

The only response from Karcher was a phone call a couple of days later from a sales clerk whose opening statement was that Karcher wanted to send a representative around to inspect our site. When we queried why we were given the response that this was for "Health and Safety." There was no discussion of our requirement, and no request of what information we needed. We terminated the call immediately saying we were no longer interested and there were alternative suppliers we could approach.

There's since been radio silence from Karcher. No follow up to determine why we backed away. We do wonder if Karcher really wants this type of business in the UK.

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