Thursday 26 February 2015

I hate Adobe Society

Over the years I've had a  problematic relationship with Adobe products. They are generally good products, but then the Adobe Management will make some dumb decision which really turns me against their organisation. It is as if their corporate policy is we are so big, it doesn't matter if we annoy the customers. I'd like to purchase more Adobe products but I loathe letting them have my business. 

The latest is a long saga is their approach to the licensing implementation for Dreamweaver. We have a legitimate copy of Version 7. When we upgraded the hard disk of the PC we found that our Dreamweaver no longer works and cannot be re-installed because Adobe no longer run the activation server for that product. It seems a purchase is not a lifetime affair with Adobe, they like to expire products and force you to buy new when it breaks. Personally I'd describe that as long term rental, not a purchase.

I've contacted the Adobe Help Desk, but they were unable to help. So now  Adobe goes back on our blacklist and we negatively recommend it to our clients. There are alternatives which are effective and more economic. Adobe loses again.

If Adobe manufactured motor vehicles they'd expect you to scrap your automobile after 7 year's use and have a remote control switch to enforce it.

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