Monday 19 July 2010

More BT crookery

I just received a letter from BT Customer Services (!) proudly telling me they are increasing their call charges by 10%. The minimum price for a call will now be 17.3 pence. Last year they imposed a similar 9% increase. Also press announcements.

Ah but wait, as always with BT the demon is in the detail: we have a BT line that we use only for incoming calls. Out going calls go over a mixture of BT lines and other Internet providers. BT will now fine us an additional £18 a year on that incoming line unless we make at least two outgoing calls a month on that line.

Guess what BT you can stuff the line rental on that incoming line, it is only there as a standby anyway. Take it away and we won't trouble you with our business any more! If you are mistakenly trying to impose your own private version of the Broadband tax let me assure you that you have got it wrong - we use an LLU service from another provider - not a BT line. It is just yet another example of unfair BT pricing trying to lock out other vendors. Time to complain to the regulator.

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