Monday 28 June 2010

Xara Problems

We use Xara Xtreme Pro 5 to assist in graphic design for things such as web sites and brochures. It is useful product and moderately priced. Like most graphics tools it doesn't do everything, but it is the one that we turn to the most.

Xara have recently produced an upgrade version called Xara Designer Pro 6. We downloaded this and licensed the product. It was pretty annoying to find that it repeated a problem that was in Xtreme Pro 5 in that you cannot use the website export or preview facility. On Xtreme Pro 5 the problem was fixed with a zip file to apply a patch to windows registry. On Vista that is not as simple as it seems, but we got it working in Version 5. We are currently awaiting a response from their tech support team. Other people are having problems too.

We've just discovered another fault. Templates available under Xtreme Pro 5 are not available in Designer Pro 6. Yet another problem report to the Xara team. To be fair they are usually quick to resolve the problem, but I thought we'd bought production quality software. We didn't intend to sign up to their Beta Test programme.

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