Tuesday, 26 October 2010

London - wake up!

Last Sunday I returned to the UK from a speaking trip in Asia. I'd had a 10 hour flight from Hong Kong. It arrived in London Heathrow just after 5 am. After the usual immigration/baggage hall delays I was on the the Heathrow Express train at 6:05 which raced me into Paddington station in just 15 minutes.
Sadly there the experience ground to a halt. The London Transport underground system was not open until 7:00 am. which would have been a 40 minute delay. The only alternative for a poor soul like me with travel baggage was to catch a black cab and pay a searingly expensive £12.70 fare for a short ride to Charing Cross station.
Why does the city of London close down to early visitors on a Sunday morning? It is not as though we are a religious country. It just reflects poorly when compared with other international cities in Asia. The UK is getting left behind.

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