Friday 29 October 2010

The Russian Mafia are hooked into our power...

A few months after a visit to inspect the office in Moscow, I received a call from their IT Director.
Me: "Hey how are things going out in Moscow? Have you managed to run those power tests for the Data Centre yet?"
Grigory: "Hi Boss, not yet we ran into a snag. The tests are going to be delayed for a week."
Me: "Why is that Grigory? It will mean you are 3 weeks late on the target date." [name changed to protect the innocent]
Grigory: "Hell Boss, we had planned the tests ok, but when we got the power company in to check the main fuses before the total power outage we discovered our neighbours had tapped into our building power. We had to postpone the test."
Me: "You mean those neighbours?"
Grigory: "Yes Boss, the local Russian Mafia. Remember I showed you all their Porsches and Ferraris."
Me: "I guess you couldn't just cut their power suddenly could you?"
Grigory: "No Boss, they might send men around to fix it. Armed men."
Me: "So what have you got planned then Grigory?"

If you want to hear the rest of this true life management opportunity, drop me a line?

Theses another power related problem here.

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