Friday 21 January 2011

Tower Hamlets - Parking Camera

While the Coalition government acts to bring local authority spending under control we will no doubt see the local government authorities increase revenues from other sources. Many London Boroughs use spy cameras to raise street parking revenues, this will no doubt get worse.
Tower Hamlets Borough has one such camera, the infamous camera No. 10, focussed to prey on the back street where people drop off/pick up patients and staff for the Royal London A&E Dept or Walk-In Centre. This single camera rakes in an average £280,000 worth of parking revenue tickets each year.
The information is based on a Freedom of Information request.

Update June 2012: The Hospital A&E department has moved its location depriving the Parking Revenue camera of its main food source. The "Loading Bay" covered by the camera has now been converted to double yellow lines. No doubt their income has dropped.

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