Saturday 5 February 2011

Australian diamond mine under attack by Bugs Bunny

I earlier mentioned about an "excellent" investment opportunity. Now, you might say I've had my doubts about these people who've called me out of the blue, but this week's developments caused me to choke with laughter. They called me back. Unfortunately for them I was in a lunch break so had plenty of free time. After 30 mins of chat on the phone I asked them to send some terms and conditions.

Today I received a pack of documents from them. They'd underpaid the postage so I had to pay £1.15 (bad news for them), but I almost died when I read one of their pages. I reproduce it here in pdf format. It seems that the Australian Diamond mine produces 30 million carrots every year. Given that rabbits are endemic in Australia I'd have thought there must be great problems in protecting those vegetables.

Hey guys - I think the term you are looking for is carats (wiki explanation).

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