Sunday 10 April 2011

Finally the is operational.

We're almost at the end of the Plus.Net saga. After multiple phone calls and even more messages on the Plus.Net web site from us to Plus.Net, we've finally got the broadband service working as we originally wanted. As part of the fix, have sent us two additional ADSL routers which are now awaiting their return envelopes.

Wouldn't it be a whole lot better if set up their service provision for "business" to work first time with appropriate configuration when first plugged in? That would include the option for a range of static IP addresses and No-NAT (No Network Address Translation) pre-configured on the ADSL router or automatically download. The other business orientated ISPs achieve that capability with no problem. Plus.Net put a load of effort and spend into fixing their problem with us, not to mention the hours of additional time we spent in the office liaising and investigating. With better product configuration that wasteful and annoying follow-up work could have been avoided. marketing people make a great play on the Yorkshire origins/location of their company and support team. They should certainly be aware of the expression "as useful as a chocolate teapot" which is used to describe something which fails to meet expectation. It should not lead to any member of their support team describing such comments by us as defamatory! We've since received an apology from them for that little interlude. We could have used a more colourful situation description involving a male bovine and a five litre metal water carrying unit.

Eventually we got the service working with the configuration settings for No-NAT which we'd already tried on their original ADSL router. We'd kept a copy of each configuration file so we could track back. We don't particularly care what they had to do to fix it, but it is now working. It was a lot of hassle that could have been avoided.

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