Tuesday 5 April 2011

Plus.Net Saga continues

Ah the joys of Telecom/Network facilities! The story continues. We eventually got No-NAT working with the Thomson router supplied by Plus.net using the unsupported hints sent to us by their Service Manager. Annoyingly this left us with only one usable IP address from the range of four static IP addresses we'd organised previously (which arrived after we chased plus.net).  We had to fill in a set of forms to justify a block of eight static IP addresses.

When we try to configure the router for the 8 addresses (5 usable) in a No-NAT set up it just does not work. After a lot of hunting around we've noticed Plus.net have set a subnetmask of /32 on those addresses instead of /28. It means the network equipment can only see one address and not eight. We've raised a support ticket, but despite paying for the enhanced support it still seems to take them at least a day to look at the ticket. The response was a typically unhelpful helpdesk response, so we've added some clarifying information. Hopefully they'll get the hang of it soon, but working outside of domestic network configurations does seem to be outside of the comfort zone of most of their support staff. Shades of BT! Ah well perhaps they'll get a Round Tuit in the morning. At this rate it will take a month to get our network link working properly.


ps .... at last resolution...

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