Monday 16 May 2011

Femtocells to reduce Mobile phone signal not-spots

Femtocell technology used to extend Cell/Mobile phone reception to dead spots is being put forward as the next great solution for communications. There is a brief report here in The Register. Vodafone already have a system called Vodafone Sure Signal and O2 are trialling their solution. This is however little different from voice over IP, such as the SIP protocol, using local WiFi base stations. Both solutions need a broadband Internet connection, but the solutions by the mobile phone companies is likely to be proprietary to their own networks. Unless standards are introduced it will just promote vendor lock in. All that this provides is the opportunity for the owner of the Femtocell device to pay for rectifying the shortfall of the Mobile Phone Company coverage.
If you need information on deployment of Femocells there is a guide here. Here is an example of the equipment from Airvana.

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