Monday 30 May 2011

Microsoft locking out Skype extensions?

Skype is pulling away from open source  VOIP interfaces to its protocol. Here's an article in Eweek. This occurs shortly after Microsoft's announced takeover of Skype. I guess we we see more of the same as Skype is engineered to the proprietary standards of Microsoft.

It is interesting that the Skype User Forum software prevented me from posting a link to the article about Skype/Digium and VOIP open source. Supporters of conspiracy theories might believe that Skype's new management  wish to suppress the bad news as much as possible. It is the first time I've encountered such a restriction.

I know if my company had invested in the Digium/Skype interface as a telephony system I'd be extremely annoyed. I wonder how long it will be before the only interfaces will demand exclusively Microsoft software interfaces.

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