Wednesday 11 January 2012

Bank moves to Google

In an interesting development a large spanish bank with a large overseas branch network has committed to using Google's Business Apps for its office computing, IM Chats and desk top conferencing. Here is a BBC News article. This will affect 110,000 employees at the Bank.

In the early industrial age businesses used to run their own boilers on their sites to produce steam to drive systems of pulley belts to drive machinery. The companies used to have teams of boiler house men, fitters and engineers to support that power infrastructure. Then came the advent of Utility provided electricity to drive machinery in the business. The old ways soon died away. We are likely to see the same in businesses across the globe as they realise they do not need to retain IT staff to support the basic office function computing.

BBVA will need to ensure its data network is up to the job of handling this change in load, but the move will have major implications for its in-house IT Support staff currently engaged in supporting Microsoft Office products.

Edit 21/02/12 Another large company Roche is making a similar move to Business Apps .

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