Sunday 15 January 2012

Delivering chilled water to Trading floor?

It is sometimes necessary to deliver chilled water to a position on a trading floor. Perhaps it is necessary to provide spot cooling for one or more trading desks or for an air conditioning unit. The problem with running such piping under a raised floor is condensation that will form on the pipe if the water is too cool. The pipe also needs to be insulated or lagged to avoid thermal loss.  Ideally the pipe should also be provided with drip tray and leak detection sensing. The work needed to retrofit such pipe work, if copper, usually involves hot work for the soldered joints. This can be an expensive, risky and time consuming process.
One interesting approach to this is to use a pre-insulated plastic pipe. Durapipe have a pre-insulated system which saves on labour during fitting. It is called Duracool.

There are some negative pressure chilled water delivery systems for in cabinet/door cooling Data Centre cabinets which can be used to reduce the risk of leakage if applied to a trading floor.

Edit: 25th Jan 2012
I've been contacted by a Swiss company Erich Keller who make trading desk systems (and other products) who say their desk cooling system does not create condensation. On their brochure it is referred to as a high temperature system; I've asked for further information.

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