Tuesday 31 January 2012

Where is your Cloud?

I've just seen an announcement for an Equinix "Super Core Site" i.e. an important data center. It is located in the Amsterdam Science Park.

The Amsterdam Science Park is located in Watergraafsmeer Polder. To remind people a Polder is an area of low lying land enclosed by dykes. Normally this is reclaimed land.

Here's a quote about the locality: "Watergraafsmeer mainly compromises a polder, which was called "Watergraftsmeer" in former times. The polder has arisen in 1629 after draining the Diemermeer, which formed the connection between the Amstel and the Nieuwe Diep (the New Deep). On March 5th, 1651 however the dike between the Zuiderzee and the Nieuwe Diep, the Diemerzeedijk broke, whereupon also the polder dike broke and the Watergraafsmeer got flooded." 

I'm sure Equinix have taken the geographic location into account when choosing the site, but it does highlight the issues you need to consider and questions to ask when choosing a hosting company for your servers or cloud.

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