Friday 17 February 2012

35% Increase in Microsoft Licensing costs?

A report in The Register yesterday projects concerns from Microsoft Channel partners warns that in the UK the cost of Microsoft software may rise by as much as 35% in 2012. He's concerned it may increase piracy. In these times of near recession it is plain lunacy.

I'm not so worried for my business. We increasingly use Linux operating systems and office tools.on our desk tops and servers. Microsoft software is becoming a secondary tool. Their corporation has effectively lost the brilliant leadership of Bill Gates and is behaving like a corporate dinosaur. Witness the Skype purchase - overpriced, but they'll corporately smother the product.

All I can suggest to businesses is that when a Microsoft  salesperson (or Channel) visits your office you give them every opportunity to see you working via a Linux desktop on your PC. It's not geeky nowadays, it just plain works! If that scares you a bit, maybe a thin client running an older version of Microsoft tools.

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