Sunday 5 February 2012

Low cost Support Desk for your business

The software as a service (SAAS) industry are spawning some great new tools which allow your organisation to add good support desk features to your web site with ease and at a low cost. You don't have to be tied to your desk top PC to offer support; these systems will reach out to your mobile device such as iPhone etc.  The pricing allows even one-man-band businesses to project an image of large enterprise facilities to their clients. 

The cost is low for start up (but can escalate as you add operators) and the financial commitment is low. You don't need extra servers, just a standard Internet link. This type of product can also work for large enterprises, either in routine operations or maybe as part of a special project such as a merger/office move where communication & control facilities need to be set up quickly with the minimum of fuss. A quick set up and easy removal after.

These products tie in with social media like Twitter, Goggle chat and Facebook, etc. It is well worth a look even if it is just to understand the capabilities.

I've been trying out: - support desk system - support desk system - browser chat system
SnapEngage - browser chat system

I've looked LivePerson - but their pricing is not exactly competitive, an obvious sign is their prices are not displayed on their web site. You have to contact them and ask. allows clients/subscribers to contact you by Twitter, Facebook, and Email.  Of course you can record other contacts such as by telephone. The call can be assigned to one of your staff/agent who can then progress the support call. A complete history is maintained. You can also use the system to track what people are saying about your business on Twitter without the need to watch a separate Twitter screen.  I watch @oaksys using it!

Good support mean happy clients!

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