Thursday, 2 February 2012

The PayPal sprinter turning into a dinosaur

Earlier I commented how we'd blacklisted PayPal as a payment service provider. Their actions today have helped confirm the validity of our decision. Their support team sent us a whining email to alert us that my registered credit card had expired, that they'd removed the details and, whooopeee-doo, I would not be able to make instant payments. Is that the real case even if I have sufficient credit in the PayPal account?!

Anyway I replied to their email pointing out that given their earlier performance they do not feature on our business food chain any longer. I was not surprised to receive an automated response email with a canned response saying I had to log on to the account and raise a support request if I wanted to communicate with them.  I don't know if you've ever tried that but they force you to plough through a forest of questions designed to stop you from communicating with them before you get to send a reply.

Hey PayPal; I was responding to a message which you sent to me. For heaven's sake PayPal sort your systems out so they are convenient for your paying customers and not just your Byzantine management diktats .


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