Friday 17 February 2012

PayPal continues to suck!

PayPal continues in its efforts to engender hatred from its business client base. We've had our problems with their erratic behaviour in the past. Another recent incident merely helps to cement that belief.

A couple of weeks ago we had an email from PayPal demanding that we update the details of our business on our on-line account. Their purported reason was that EU legislation demands that they must have additional information about the registration of our company and its principals. They already had most of that information and the rest is publicly recorded in Companies House (UK Gov't Business Registrar). Anyway to humour them we completed the information on-line through our PayPal account screen within an hour of receipt of their email.

Yesterday we received a customer support from questionnaire from this corporate dinosaur asking us how we'd felt about having our account restricted while they considered our case!! Apparently in their panic to collate this data about our company they'd deemed it necessary to restrict our business account. We've been a customer for several years and even had a credit card acceptance account with them for at least 4 years. We'd never had a customer dispute. Yet they again decide to treat us like fraudsters/criminals until proven innocent. Needless to say, they had a very poor score in our response to the questionnaire.

It is telling to note we'd not realised they'd restricted our account.

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